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Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Comfort, safety, elegance, hygiene, access control and, in the case of air-conditioned areas, optimal energy consumption: these are the main advantages of using automatic doors both outside and inside.

In addition, the automatic door is an ideal tool to resolve the problems of architectural barriers.

Entrematic has made a constant commitment to developing new solutions and offering a complete range to satisfy its customers' specific requirements.

Sliding doors

Entrematic offers a full range of solutions for straight sliding pedestrian doors, whatever the requirement and whatever performance needed: they are easy to install, with aesthetic solutions that blend in with all types of furnishing. There are also solutions with anti-panic devices for improved safety and easier access to escape routes.

Swing doors

Ditec's automatic swing doors open silently, and are particularly convenient for use by disabled, elderly or ill people. They are controlled by a micro processor that manages and continuously controls a fluid movement, whilst safety radars instantly detect any obstacles, guaranteeing a completely safe wing movement. They can be installed on both existing and newly-built doors.

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